Mark 'Skip' Taylor

Skip is a motivator and influencer and thrives in high-performance environments. An alum of renowned IMG and once part of the US-based company's senior management team, Skip is an accomplished action-sports, lifestyle, event and entertainment planner, stager and New Media producer operating in a fast-paced, deadline-driven global environment. His takes an integrated approach to concept development, rights management, contract negotiation, budgeting and staffing.  Skip has the ability to create a brand-new event on land, sea or sky, or can take an existing one and infuse it with renewed energy, creativity, strategic direction and financial vigor.  This background is coupled with a lifetime of supporting the owners and leadership of globally recognized resorts with strategic initiatives that have proven to grow both their revenues and their reputations.


An athlete and action sports enthusiast himself, Skip is a sought-after motivational speaker. He is also an environmental & sports philanthropist, supporting groups like Surfrider, Surfaid and Sustainable Surf Foundations with both financial and time contributions.

Have a look at his Linked In page for a more detailed profile of his career.

Paula Blanchet

Paula has developed a distinct skillset by working with a broad spectrum of businesses rooted in the wellness industry.  From working as a trainer to working in the yoga industry during its early popularity surge; translating that into lifestyle and apparel businesses then rendering it all into a unique understanding of the health-minded adventure market. Joining with high-profile and rapid-growth companies in both health and retail has positioned her alongside the best in the industry.  Her skills have been augmented with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist certification to further enhance her expertise in the business of wellness. Paula’s strength lies in bringing a concept to life from concept to revenue-positive operation. She can build a team and knit them into a cultural infrastructure and brand identity that recognizes and captures a specific market.  Taking a holistic approach, she creates happy, motivated environments that foster performance.


An outdoor enthusiast, traveler and food obsessive, Paula is constantly seeking out her tribe around the world that hold the same vision for a healthy, sustainable planet.  She shares the knowledge she collects through her blog and published articles.

Have a look at her Linked In page for a more detailed profile of her career.